Top 5 Dog Seat Belts Of 2010

Today my dog Ender gets to ride in my Tesla for the first time. Of course I wasn’t going to just let him ride on the back seat though! I did a bit of research and ended up on ordering the XL Dog Seat Cover by 4Knines in hopes that it would cover the entire seat and also the floor. While it’s not quite long as I’d have liked and doesn’t cover the entire floor, Ender seemed to be fine with the hammock mode option that it has, at least after his first ride with it!

Dog Seat Cover for Cars Trucks and SUVs – Non Slip Backing – Waterproof

About the Product
Do you hate cleaning up after taking your dog for a car ride? Our heavy-duty covers mean no more damage to your vehicle. We use premium components to provide the best cover on the market. Our covers use a WATERPROOFED material with a GSM rating over 190! A quilted and PADDED design provides a comfortable ride with a high-end feel while adding extra protection to your seats.
SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED FOR FULL SIZE TRUCKS AND LARGE SUVS – Unlike many other covers, our waterproof material is FREE OF AZO DYES and HEAVY METALS like Lead, Arsenic, & Mercury. We use COLOR FAST material so you never have to worry about damage to your car from color bleeding. (No need to treat your seats with protectants like other covers recommend). Our HIGH TEMPERATURE rated NONSLIP BACKING and seat anchors make sure the cover does not budge and won’t damage your seats.
EASY TO INSTALL – Quick release clips on the headrest straps make install a breeze. You can even make it into a HAMMOCK to help your dog feel safe and secure. Pending PATENTED DESIGN – Velcro seat belt openings and child car seat LATCH openings allow the cover to be used by the whole family.
We work hard to provide the best product possible by using premium materials and workmanship and stand by our products 100%. In order to quality control our products, VERSALIVING IS THE ONLY COMPANY AUTHORIZED TO SELL THE 4KNINES® BRAND
Unconditional LIFETIME WARRANTY – If our car seat cover doesn’t serve your needs or meet your standards in any way, just contact us. It’s that simple. We have been selling our covers for over 2 years, so you can be confident we will be around to stand behind our warranty. We want happy customers!! If you need to use your MIDDLE SEAT BELT check out our NEW COVER by searching for 4KNINES SPLIT BENCH SEAT COVER


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