Top 10 Car Seat Covers For Dogs & Pets .99 and eligible for FREE U.S. Shipping and Bonus Super Bright Mini LED 3 Mode Zoomable Flash Light, Dog Seatbelt and Dog Lovers Clean/Dirty Dishwasher Indicator.

Mighty Paws is a company that is 100% committed to providing the best quality dog seat covers for your vehicle while providing maximum protection to your vehicle’s seats while providing maximum comfort to your dog(s) and children.

The Ultra Shield can be put in or taken out in about a minute for washing or your going out for a night if you want to remove it(and the dog hair) for passengers or washing. If you have children as we do, you will also appreciate that the dog seat cover is great for kids too with all the messes that they tend to make. We also equipped the seat belt slots in the dog seat cover with heavy duty Velcro that provides a tight seal to ensure no dog hair goes onto you seats.

One of the biggest things Ultra Shield owners appreciate is its classy looks that do not take away from the looks of your car as many seat covers for dogs do. From one dog owner to another we think you will be very happy with the Ultra Shield and it will make your life and your dog’s life better for years to come. We feel that the Ultra Shield is the world’s best dog hammock option car seat cover!

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