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Booster Seat – Ingenuity Baby Base-Baby Bud 3 Stage Booster Seat from Mamas & Papas
Introducing an all new play time feeding Booster Seat and baby high chair, Ingenuity Baby Base 2-in-1™. Babies and parents alike love this innovative new baby seat, which can be used on the floor for play time or securely attached to a dining chair for feeding time. Your baby can start using the Baby Base as soon as they are able to hold their head up straight without assistance, and it grows with your child as a high chair through toddlerhood.

The Ingenuity Baby Base 2-in-1™ is a perfect “first baby high chair” for your child as they are beginning to sit up on their own. It comes with a comfortable foam insert to provide extra support for younger infants whose sitting skills are still a little wobbly. The Baby Base offers optimal positioning to extend the time baby can stay sitting upright for face-to-face interactive play time with parents or siblings. Just set the Baby Base on the floor and buckle your baby in with the built-in 3-point safety harness to play games of pat-a-cake or peekaboo, or for story time. They will love being able to see your face as you talk, play, and sing together.

The Ingenuity Baby Base 2-in-1™ isn’t just an ordinary booster seat. It can also be used in the dining room as a space-saving baby high chair, or easily taken with you as a portable high chair. Using straps that are conveniently stored in a compartment on the bottom of the seat, the Baby Base can be secured to a dining high chair. The 3-point safety belt system keeps your baby safely in place during feeding. It’s convenient, dishwasher-safe feeding tray stores right in the base of the seat when it’s not being used. The Baby Base is easy to clean and easy to transport, making it the most convenient travel high chair you will ever use.

As baby grows, the Ingenuity Baby Base 2-in-1™ grows, too. The foam insert comes out to allow growing room for toddlers and preschoolers up to a maximum of 50 lbs. Older babies and toddlers may enjoy using the seat strapped to a chair in the kitchen to “help” mom or dad prepare dinner. In fact, it can be used anywhere around the house so baby can be close to a parent or caregiver. When your child is older (at least age three) and can get in and out of the seat without assistance, it can even be used on the floor without the safety harness to provide a special and cozy little place for looking at books or for imaginative play. Unlike other infant booster seats which are outgrown quickly, the Baby Base is a chair that can be used for years!

This attractive baby booster seat comes with either aqua or magenta foam inserts for infants. As a child safety seat for older babies, it is a neutral white color to blend in with any décor. The Ingenuity Baby Base 2-in-1™ is an affordable solution that eliminates the need for separate pieces of equipment for floor play, infant feeding, toddler feeding boosters, and travel high chairs

Ingenuity™ by Bright Starts™ is a leader in innovative baby gear. Ingenuity brings smart products to busy parents by coming up with clever ways to adapt the latest technologies to baby products. Ingenuity is committed to delivering deluxe features for babies and smart solutions that help make life just a little easier for mom and dad. Visit Ingenuity’s website at to learn more about the Ingenuity Baby Base 2-in-1™ and other great products by Ingenuity.
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Booster Seat Available at Target in Aqua: and in Magenta:

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