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How to Fly with a Baby Your Mile High Guide to Air Travel with an Infant by Family Travel Expert Brianna Meighan. This “how to video” shows parents travel tips on how to have a successful flight with their baby or toddler. These travel tips are from Brianna Meighan’s Bestselling Author and book How to Fly with a Baby: Your Mile-High Guide to Air Travel with an Infant.

Brianna Meighan is a FAMILY TRAVEL EXPERT that specializes in helping parents with tips on Flying with a Baby on an Airplane.

Brianna Meighan is also a TV Host. Her ebook is full of baby travel tips.

After completing 40 flights and all before my baby even turned a year old. Brianna Meighan shares her expert tips on air travel so that you can have a great family trip or vacation.

Tip ONE: Just before you board the airplane, make sure that your baby has a clean diaper and if possible, try to even complete all meals before you board the airplane. Baby food can be packed into your carry on bag or in your diaper bag in case you have a long flight. ONCE ONBOARD THE PLANE, it is a very good idea to nurse or breastfeed your baby during take-off and landing. This will help your baby’s ears during the change in pressure. Bottle feeding your baby during take-off and landing will help your infant to stay calm and comfortable during the flight. Often times the jet engines will help your baby fall asleep during the flight.

2: Have quiet entertainment ideas in mind that won’t disrupt other passengers onboard the airplane. Baby-friendly Apps for your iPad or iPhone are great for babies and toddlers when traveling. Also download children’s movies or favorite TV shows. If your baby is awake during the flight, it is YOUR responsibility as their parent to keep them entertained and happy throughout the entire flight! This will help keep your baby or infant or toddler happy during the trip and it will also help avoid a tantrum while onboard the airplane.
If you have a long flight, and the fasten seatbelt sign is not illuminated, try to take short walks with your baby or toddler around the airplane. Also be sure to pack an extra change of clothes in case your baby has a blowout during your trip. Most parents change dirty diapers in the lavatory however this can be extra challenging for older babies as they tend to wiggle.

For more information on how to fly with a baby, visit us online at: or check-out the book that gives you all the tips: HOW TO FLY WITH A BABY: YOUR MILE-HIGH GUIDE TO AIR TRAVEL WITH AN INFANT.

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