Safety Dog Seat Belt Harness

Accept no substitute. Component durability is not the same as crash-test certification. This canine in-vehicle restraint by Canine Friendly, a RC Pet Product’s brand, was rigorously tested and certified by MGA Research, an auto-industry leading testing facility located in the automotive capital of the world, Detroit, Michigan.

Using specially weighted dog mannequins and simulating life-like driving using auto-sled testing, our Safety Harness was put to the test and found to surpass a comprehensive safety checklist to guard against performance failure. The result is a superior product that exceeds the safety standards of other products in the marketplace.

Why Buckling Up Your Dog in the Car is Important
Seat belts save lives. At just 35 mph, a 60 lb unrestrained pet can become a 2,700 lb projectile in the event of a motor vehicle accident that can cause harm to you and your passengers. Even at low speeds, an unrestrained pet can be fatally launched into the dashboard and/or wind shield.

An injured and/or scared pet may act unpredictably, escape into on-coming traffic and cause a secondary accident, bite first-responders, and/or delay critical life-saving measures on you and/or your passengers!

Protect your canine co-pilot and yourself by using our Canine Friendly Safety Harness. For more information on this and other safety products for your dog, visit

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