Floyd In The Solvit Deluxe Pet Car Seat.

I just purchased this seat, and my dog loves it. He would always be nervous, and pacing, and would put his front paws on the arm rest to look out the window which would leave him unstable during turns and he would fly around everywhere even though I had him tethered to the seat with his harness and leash. This video is the 3rd time he’s ridden in it. He was instantly more confident and comfortable. And I felt more comfortable knowing he wasn’t going to fly around the cab of my truck.

This is the LARGE size. I debated between this one and the medium because the medium says for dogs up to 12lbs and my dog is 9lbs. However, in looking at pictures of other dogs in both sizes, I decided to go with the large because my dog is a min pin mix, so although he may only weight 9lbs, he’s tall and kinda long for his weight. I made the right decision. He would have been miserable in the medium.

My only gripe is the built in tether to hook his harness to. The position where it’s sewn in is not very well thought out. He can’t really move around at all and he gets caught up in it. Also, it’s not long enough for him to stand up. So I’m trying to figure something out where the tether comes from the back of the seat and not the bottom. As you can see, I’m using a leash, but I need to find something more stable and secure.

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