Floyd In The Solvit Deluxe Pet Car Seat.

When you take your dog in the car, where does he sit? Do you drive with your dog on your lap, in the front seat or maybe in the back seat?

Is your dog restrained with a car harness? And if you do have a car harness (yeah – thank you for loving your pet) did you know that most of them do not restrain your dog in the event of a collision.

So what does that mean? It means that if you crash, even at low speed, an unapproved harness may open and catapult your dog towards the front of the vehicle.

I had the pleasure of making today’s video with Shelley –owner of Paws And Think Dog Training.

Shelley explains the dangers of driving with your dog unrestrained and shares with us her top 3 tips for keep your pooch safe in the car!

Thanks to Shelley and Jeddah http://www.pawsandthink.com.au/

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