Dog Car Seat Belt Set Of Picture Collection Ideas

We all know buckling our children into safety seats and of course wearing a seatbelt ourselves is the safest way to travel, besides the fact that it’s the law, but what about our pets?

They need to travel safely too. They’re more than man’s best friend. Whether you have a dog or cat, it makes a lot of sense to put them in some sort of harness, crate or car seat that allows them to be safe and contained and travel safely.

If you have an accident or someone pulls out in front of you, that quick maneuver can cause a dog or cat to injure themselves, the driver or another person riding in the car. Buy a carrier that buckles to the vehicle or at a pet store or online. You’ll find that the animal will be calmer riding in something secure.

Never let a dog ride in the front seat with air bags. If you have a larger dog, you want to make sure you get a harness for them that has padding. This would be one that would go in through the seat belt, and tighten down, giving the dog the ability to look out the window and make you feel more confident about your best friend.

Another option would be to crate your dog. If you do that and you have an SUV, make sure that it fits tightly, or if you use a pickup truck, make sure that you use a tie down to the crate to protect your animal.

Even if you have the ability to switch off the passenger airbag, it’s still a good idea to keep your pet out of the front seat. If your pet becomes distracted or reacts suddenly, this can become a distraction to you.

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Aired: 2/19/2011

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