Center For Pet Safety Harness Test

To help promote the safety of our beloved pets, Subaru funded Center for Pet Safety’s testing of pet crates and small carriers in crash situations using the CPS realistic, specially designed crash test dogs.

The study, designed by CPS, examines crate and carrier structural integrity and collects data necessary to formulate crate and carrier testing and performance standards.

-Currently there are no performance standards or test protocols in the U. S. for pet travel crates or carriers.

-Many manufacturers claim their products pass crash testing, but without uniform test standards these claims cannot be substantiated.

Independent, third party test laboratory MGA Research Corporation performed the scientific product testing at their Manassas, Virginia test facility.

B-Roll contents:

-Set-up and product testing, funded by Subaru, conducted by Center for Pet Safety and MGA Research Corporation
-Crash testing conducted using CPS crash test dog personalities
-Example of products that performed poorly in crash test scenario
-Example of products that performed well in crash test scenario
-Overview of CPS crash test dogs
-MGA Research Facility

*Please note: No real animals have been used in crash testing.

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