Apologies, right from the start. I have many projects going on at the same time(please see our About Us page for details), so I shall request your patience in the amount of time it takes me to respond to your notes.

Actually, it will be super-helpful if you clearly note whether you need me to take action on your request, or if you are sharing insights, testimonies, suggestions, and so on.

On the other hand, if your request has some urgency, then definitely type that in your first sentence.

To be clear: just type the word “urgent” as the first word in your note. This is the only way I can easily and quickly find important messages.

For those who are contacting me requesting a speaking engagement, that’s great! Give me as much detail as possible.

If you need me to visit your office in person, then give me at least 3 possible days and times you would like me to try and match-up with our calendar. Thanks once again for your patience!

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